BountyBucks App Reviews

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Good app. I upgraded to iPhone 7 and the app is no longer available in the US. :(


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Dont understand I played an app for 5 minutes and it still didnt give me points like wtf


Avoid this app. Yes it sounds great, free gift cards, who doesnt want that but do not trust this. I recently used this app and was charged £4.50 for a free offer, after contacting their support service they failed to respond to my emails so its not worth it at all, avoid if possible


90% of offers dont pay... Have to download like 10 apps and open them and get into game and play for 30 seconds which takes around 10 minutes to do 1 and 1 of 10 that will pay , pay u like 15 cents..., its like earning 5 cents an hour.....

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Its pretty good

I mean, there are some bugs where the offers lead you to some random app, or if you dont get your points, but for me, most of the time it works! Everyone should really consider this app. Its a great way to get gift cards for free! Sure its slow, but its awesome. If you guys want to start out with 50 points, use my code! Drfexeuy

Bugged or scam

Decides to stop giving you points for the apps you download. Very time consuming for no payout.

Dont get if you live in Canada

All the available rewards are only valid In the USA. Theres no rewards available for Canadians as of April 3, 2016

U guys owe my points

Ive downloaded 4 games yesterday and 2 today and Im not getting my points in starting to regret getting this app

Good Job

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Bounty App

This is a very good app, I recommend it! Please enter my code; I have only 150 credits and it would help me a lot! Here: dvcekhbc You guys are the best! :)


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Seems ok so far. Hard To get a proper nickname :D

It works

It does works I used it for clash of clans and I got gems by the way join my clan its duh clashers free elder


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Love this app. Xo


Nice app but I dont know how to actually use it because Im stuck on the 100+ reward skin xD