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Awesome app

Easy way to earn money just by downloading apps

App bounty

Love this app!!!

Great app

This app is great


Only flaw is rip tasks. But the app operates descently and is quite fast and you have fun doing it! Easy money. Reply to MiskerMuskles: Well there are specific apps you need to download in the apps screen... FREE apps too, so idk why you blame them, you just downloaded 100 paid games with your money that they specified was not supported. Therefore you should ultimately blame yourself.

Bounty bucks

Its a good app Ive earned 2 gift cards so far but after awhile .. Ive stopped getting credits

Good app

Good app overall

Great App!

Great app. I cant change a thing to make it better!


Good for getting gift cards doesnt always give u credits but most of the time does. U should download

Great App

Its great but I would like to see more videos and like to see more apps because I have run out of apps to download plus a lot of the task that I put information in I dont get the points for completing

I really love it

Better than appnana and swagbucks


Thank you for your kindness!

Great app but still has a few bugs

The app is really great but when you download some apps I never get points. But everything else is great :)


Every gift card I got it a curly work


Great but i would like for them to update the apps more

App Review

This app is legitimate and is a very good app!!! The best.

Awesome app

This app was awesome I got a 5$ Amazon gift card within 3 days of using. Only flaw is that sometimes I dont get points for the apps I download but I still manage to get a lot of points


Would be 5 stars but now 98% of the time whenever I download an app or complete a task I dont get my credits

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Patience is key

Its nice, but u have to be really patient.


Its a nice app