BountyBucks App Reviews

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I love it

I got tons of free stuff from this site enter my code to get started eczgfvpw

Works good

The offers do not always work properly and the surveys are impossible to qualify for if youre not an adult with a job but besides that it works fine and is well put together



Takes too long to get your credits but great app overall!

It takes 20 minutes or more before you get your credit :( Btw, code to get 50 credits instantly! ecnonpvs

Not bad

Takes a bit of time but pays off. You can choose to help me out by putting in the code, "water" Its cool if you dont want to but it would be nice to help someone out. Plus youll also get the reward for it!

Not a Scam

App Bounty works, I recommend it to everyone who wants to earn money with little effort. Use my referral code for a free 50 credits! ecjlaxcy


Nice app but I dont know how to actually use it because Im stuck on the 100+ reward skin xD


Love this app. Xo

Works good, use my code

use my code ebhecrnc for bonus points, dont listen to the guy saying youll win 5000 cause hes lying :)


Enter eapljjzc For more credits :) Thanks guys... This code gives 5000 credits !;)

It works

It does works I used it for clash of clans and I got gems by the way join my clan its duh clashers free elder


Seems ok so far. Hard To get a proper nickname :D

This is AWESOME!!!

Within 3 days of using this app, I received a 5 dollars iTunes gift card. This was really quick and allowed me to buy stuff. This did not leave or spread any viruses either. I am so glad I chose to download this app. If you are new to this app and want to receive some free points to start you off, use this code: dvoxlaey

Its sort of complicated...

I liked the app at first, I got my first 2,700 for an Amazon giftcard within a few hours. But after that it was harder and harder to get the points, because they dont update their offers enough and sometimes even if you do an offer correctly you arent given the credits. So far Ive collected enough credits (on two separate occasions) for two 5 dollar Amazon gift cards, and Ive had no problem applying them to my Amazon card balance on the Amazon app. I havent actually attempted to use them yet, as I want to collect enough to try and get something big. Ive recently seen reviews of people complaining their iTunes codes have been rejected, so I hope thats not the case with Amazon too. Overall, its an okay app, which leads to "free" money and who doesnt love that? Just needs a few improvements. Like, new apps everyday, and more with bigger credit counts. UPDATE: They stop crediting you for the larger downloads after the 1st or 2nd gift card is given. And its honestly ridiculous, because why offer the larger rewards if you arent going to give them out? UPDATE: It seems like they never add new apps. I FINALLY got the 2,700 for my third $5 Amazon gift card after WEEKS of checking for new apps EVERYDAY. So altogether I have $15 on my Amazon card balance, I still havent attempted to use them so well see how that goes. Hopefully they start updating their apps more and crediting when credit is due because I have had several large credit downloads that I didnt get even with following the directions perfectly.

A waste of time

So yes I did get 2750 points. When I got my iTunes card, it was redeemed already. So this is a waste of time buying games

Connection problems

The app on my phone doesnt show me offers when im connected to wifi only when using my data and some games need wifi to download PLEASE FIX THIS also sometimes I never recieve the points.

Its okay but...

Its okay but FreeMyApp is WAY better and its faster to get points and easy too. This app,you need 2700 to get a 5 dollar gift card and FreeMyApp is only 1500.


Use this code for 9000 credits! dwffzvbs


Thx app bounty I actually make videos for CoC and Im telling people to get your app and rate it.


Everything is great in the app, how points you can get, besides a few apps, and all the gift cards you can get. But there is ONE flaw, the apps that you cannot got points on,(Already downloaded or not working,) You should be able to delete yourself.