BountyBucks App Reviews

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They really did a good job with making sure you get your credits from the app. They even made a question asking if you got the credits and theyll let you try it again. I just got my iTunes gift car code and IT ACTUALLY WORKS. If you look to get this app I recommend it 100%.

Great! Just a few problems

I love this app. It does work, however, it does have glitches. I play games and install apps only to end up getting no credits. Also, the apps take a few days to refresh, and sometimes are worth no more than 10-20 credits. Otherwise, it is great and I have been able to buy things from the AppStore with no problem

Never gives the points

I really dont understand why would the app say to run it for 30 sec and when you do, it never gives you the point. It is very frustrating, had so many issues with this app before.

Its good app for grabbing points but with a huge problem

I got this app and use it hopes to have enough to get a gift card. It is a very helpful app but...there are two big flaws to the app needs to be addressed and fixed immediately...other than the fact that half of the links for the apps sometimes dont work or take you to the completely wrong app. Then the other issues which actually annoys more is the fact I download an app and run it for the 30sec as required but Im never credited the points for it; thats a huge rip off in my eyes. Because of that, this app will only get 3 stars unless those two issues are fixed, especially the point issue.

It really needs work

I have used appbounty for a while now and the app has gone downhill. Lots of people are giving this a pass cause oh your getting free money, dude your gonna waste a lot of time to get that. Lots of the apps either dont give me the right app, it doesnt load to pages, or when I did everything right and I looked at the instructions in case but still get no credits. Also I keep seeing the same apps I did already before! Fix your crap. That said the app has great potential, but at the moment its freaking frustrating to use and I suggest you to just get a job and even doing in the side will just frustrate you and take months to get at least a 5 dollar gift card

Great app Great customer service

takes about 2 weeks to earn a $5 gift card but well worth it when its only downloading a few apps a day

Contests are a joke

If you download this app and try to do one of the contests you will be just as frustrated me. I dont even think they DO give out the rewards they say they do, Ive done every contest and never won anything. Also almost every single fyber and minibomb offer doesnt work. Used to be great man, but after an hour of looking for just one offer that works is enough for me.

Add me!!

Good app!! Heres my code diwhdvjc Add me for points!!!

Great idea and has potential

Bounty bucks was introduced to me by a friend and I thought it was a cool idea to get points and get money for it when you get enough. They have started doing contest that you can win a massive amount of points that would help a lot.


Ive been downloading apps an havent gotten my credits I have 3768 right now an Im trying to reach 5000

works great but

it works great because the apps always give you points but the tasks never give me points and it make me so mad i wasted 1 hour playing a app to get to level 7 and recieve 500 points and I didnt get one bit of points and I wish the apps would be worth more points.


This is a great app use my referral code: duxfhcbo To help both of us get free money faster

Please help

I am at 2681 points I need 2750 to get $5 when I try to download an app I open it for 30 seconds go back to the app and dont get the points. If who ever is reading this please help me when you get an app it says who sent you if u put in the code drapqaqi I will be able to get $5 you will get 50 points as well


Sometimes I am not rewarded my points. I spent a good amount of time saving points for a 5 dollar steam gift card, and once I got the points, THEY DIDNT HAVE ANY LEFT IN STOCK!!!!They say "new codes soon" but I doubt I will be able to get my gift card any time soon

Bounty App

This is a very good app, I recommend it! Please enter my code; I have only 150 credits and it would help me a lot! Here: dvcekhbc You guys are the best! :)

Gift Cards!!!

This app is AMAZING! I can get gift cards just for downloading apps! I use it everyday!

Gave me both cards that are already redeemed

I gathered up points for 2 $5 itunes cards. The card provided to me were both shown as already redeemed. Not spending any more time or effort on this anymore.

Great but one mistake

Every time I pass a level they want me to play they never give me my credits but the app is amazing

Okay, this app is great- I was having trouble with receiving my credits, and with just a couple of emails, I was able to get them back! That, and it doesnt take long at all to receive gift card codes!!

Cant receive credits

It does not work eventhough Ive installed and ran like 4 different apps. Calismiyo arkadaslar