BountyBucks App Reviews

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I like it because its not a scam

First app of this type that I have found that is actually good.


This app is so amazing!! I was able to buy Pokècoins on Pokèmon go :3 haha but it doesnt ALWAYS give you the points, but its okay. This app is great and I suggest it if you want to buy stuff. It IS kinda time consuming, but its all good. Great app over all, and definitely download it xxx <3


Great app!

Good app

Good way to get free gift cards with a little time and patience.


Ive only been using for maybe a week and have cashed out a card yet but everything is going great for me and I have no complaints.


The surveys dont work...

Connection problems

The app on my phone doesnt show me offers when im connected to wifi only when using my data and some games need wifi to download PLEASE FIX THIS also sometimes I never recieve the points.

A waste of time

So yes I did get 2750 points. When I got my iTunes card, it was redeemed already. So this is a waste of time buying games

Its sort of complicated...

I liked the app at first, I got my first 2,700 for an Amazon giftcard within a few hours. But after that it was harder and harder to get the points, because they dont update their offers enough and sometimes even if you do an offer correctly you arent given the credits. So far Ive collected enough credits (on two separate occasions) for two 5 dollar Amazon gift cards, and Ive had no problem applying them to my Amazon card balance on the Amazon app. I havent actually attempted to use them yet, as I want to collect enough to try and get something big. Ive recently seen reviews of people complaining their iTunes codes have been rejected, so I hope thats not the case with Amazon too. Overall, its an okay app, which leads to "free" money and who doesnt love that? Just needs a few improvements. Like, new apps everyday, and more with bigger credit counts. UPDATE: They stop crediting you for the larger downloads after the 1st or 2nd gift card is given. And its honestly ridiculous, because why offer the larger rewards if you arent going to give them out? UPDATE: It seems like they never add new apps. I FINALLY got the 2,700 for my third $5 Amazon gift card after WEEKS of checking for new apps EVERYDAY. So altogether I have $15 on my Amazon card balance, I still havent attempted to use them so well see how that goes. Hopefully they start updating their apps more and crediting when credit is due because I have had several large credit downloads that I didnt get even with following the directions perfectly.

This is AWESOME!!!

Within 3 days of using this app, I received a 5 dollars iTunes gift card. This was really quick and allowed me to buy stuff. This did not leave or spread any viruses either. I am so glad I chose to download this app. If you are new to this app and want to receive some free points to start you off, use this code: dvoxlaey


I spent weeks downloading apps and doing offers and I finally got enough points to get an iTunes gift card. I used my points to redeem the card and after a day it says it was rejected. Now all my points are gone and I have no gift card. total rip off of my time. Pls dont waste your time

Its legit!

recently got 5 dollar gift card! con is that sometimes offers dont work

Out of Stock

Ive been saving and saving up for days and I finally got enough for the $5 steam card, but its out of stock! Checked 2 weeks later and still out of stock! Come on!


This is app is so amazing! I finally dont have to go through stupid surveys!


You must get this app!


All these notifications came up saying come collect my reward then I go to the app and see that I cant collect it this is crazy


Though a young app, I think it has great potential. It may have its flaws, but its free money... difficult to complain about that. If I were to give a new user some advice, it would be to have some patience with this app. Some offers just might not quite work yet (or the instructions may not be clear enough). Either way I have had experiences where it took a few hours, but I was still rewarded the points so be patient. In all, I think the app has great potential and is very costumer friendly.

Wont recurve credits

The app would give me my credits for a bit. But then it stopped giving me credits, Ive tried downloading multiple apps and sitting on them for about 2 minutes and went back and had nothing! App needs an update!

It works but...

It does work, and it didnt take me that long to get credits. However, its been about a month or so that the card I wanted was sold out. If you dont mind waiting then go ahead and get the app!

Heavily Flawed

Only two complaints. First, some apps dont give you credits. I follow the instructions, yet nothing happens. Second, most apps give small amounts of credits. This makes the app difficult to use, and a waste of time at some points.