BountyBucks App Reviews

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Great app for making side cash

I just use this app so I can get some cash on Steam, and Ive made 15 bucks in about 5 days. This app works really well, aside from some offers not processing. One thing I noticed is that after you make about 3000 points the only apps left for you to do are low points, but they will reappear eventually.

Could be Better

When I first got this app. It worked fast and I was completely satisfied. But now some of the apps are not on the App Store. Or sometimes I dont receive the credits even after a 1-2min or signed up with the app. I really hope this gets fixed. It would help.

doesnt work half the time

the app offers either dont work or you dont get reward points at all. itunes needs to make sure these apps work. tired of wasting my time not getting what im supposed to get out of it.

Effort > Progress

This app used to be a good come up but now its not really worth it honestly. Like really honestly, unless you just keep the app and go on there every once in a while but it would still take long as ever. But thats just in my opinion. I know some people can stay and knock those thangs out but I cant lol but no really it used to be good. Too much time wasted now

Loving AppBounty

Easy to use and consistently get resolve for any issues. Thank you AppBounty!

Good app

It works and gives you free money, I like it.

Its sort of complicated...

I liked the app at first, I got my first 2,700 for an Amazon giftcard within a few hours. But after that it was harder and harder to get the points, because they dont update their offers enough and sometimes even if you do an offer correctly you arent given the credits. So far Ive collected enough credits (on two separate occasions) for two 5 dollar Amazon gift cards, and Ive had no problem applying them to my Amazon card balance on the Amazon app. I havent actually attempted to use them yet, as I want to collect enough to try and get something big. Ive recently seen reviews of people complaining their iTunes codes have been rejected, so I hope thats not the case with Amazon too. Overall, its an okay app, which leads to "free" money and who doesnt love that? Just needs a few improvements. Like, new apps everyday, and more with bigger credit counts. UPDATE: They stop crediting you for the larger downloads after the 1st or 2nd gift card is given. And its honestly ridiculous, because why offer the larger rewards if you arent going to give them out?

Not great

This app is truly disappointing, I literally downloaded 12 apps and only the first two apps gave me points, I advice dont waste your time


I would love if the app was fixed. Most of the time when I follow the directions I dont even get the credit for it.

Too slomo

It took me one month to earn $10


At first, I got credits, but now whenever I try, it doesnt give me ANYTHING! Ive only downloaded 3 apps, but I had to re download 2 of them like... I dont know how many times. Please fix!!!! Karina sent me!


I downloaded this and quickly got to 2750 points to buy a $5 gift card. Ordered it and got it in less than a day. But over the last few days none of my offers work, it doesnt register my points when my offers do work. Do I urge you, after your first reward just stop!

Its good

This app is good! Sometimes I download an app and open it and then go back to bounty bucks and it isnt there, but then I go back 30 min later and it is back! All of the other apps I have tried arent that great, this is the only one that actually works for me. I recommend this app! It takes about a week to get a $10 gift card. Thats if your dont do all the time. It takes awhile but it is worth it. I am giving it a four star because it takes awhile and sometimes I dont get the points from the apps. :)


I got the app and spent a lot of time saving up credits for my gift card. Finally, I was ready, and traded in my credits. Two days later, the app says it was rejected! I really love the app and concept, but that kinda threw me off a bit. I didnt do anything or cheat to get credits, I just did what I was supposed to .

Please help

Its a good app but for some reason I cant get any more credits. I go onto an app for like 40 seconds and exit the app go back into app bounty do refresh multiple times and nothing happens. Needs to be fixed. Cant get any more credits.


when you start its great and then you start getting credit and get a few gift cards you dont get credit for them. I had about 10k worth of credits and thats an understatement and there customer service wanted me to redownload and make a list and of the ones I didnt get credit for. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Dont waste your time

Great When it Works

This app is great when it works well and gives you your points. However, there have been a number of times that I downloaded the app and ran it, but it never gives me the points. :(

Okay, this app is great- I was having trouble with receiving my credits, and with just a couple of emails, I was able to get them back! That, and it doesnt take long at all to receive gift card codes!!

Great but one mistake

Every time I pass a level they want me to play they never give me my credits but the app is amazing

Gave me both cards that are already redeemed

I gathered up points for 2 $5 itunes cards. The card provided to me were both shown as already redeemed. Not spending any more time or effort on this anymore.